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Copy & Paste the below message and e-mail to your Senators, Governor and State Representatives (links at bottom of page):



    I am a member of the GOP, a constituent who helped elect you to office. In response to the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, just one of many school shootings in recent years, I am calling on you to act immediately and concretely to reform the gun laws in our state to make our schools safer. There is no more time for debate or lethargic responses. Our kids are afraid, as are the parents. I am counting on you to make this your top priority until all children in our state are safe from the threat of gun violence in schools.

I say:

YES! to Reforming our Gun Laws (Including Laws for Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles)

YES! to Mandatory Background Checks for All Gun Purchases and Closing Loopholes 

YES! to Raising the Minimum Age from 18 to 21 For Assault Rifles

YES! to Bump Stocks Ban

YES! to Keeping Current Federal Requirements for Silencer Purchases (Including a Comprehensive Background Check)

YES! to Magazine Capacity Restrictions

YES! to Improved Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Services for Mental Health

YES! to Reporting Mental Health Information to the NICS Index



Links to your Georgia Senators: (click the below website link, fill-out the e-mail form, "PASTE" in the Comments section and "SEND"!)

U.S. Senator David Perdue:

or call:

Atlanta Office:  (404) 865-0087

Washington, DC  (202) 224-3521

 U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson:

or call:

Atlanta Office: (770) 661-0999

Washington, DC (202) 224-3643


Links to your Georgia House Representatives:


Link to your Georgia Governor:

Governor Nathan Deal:

or call: 

Atlanta (404) 656-1776