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We Can Make a Difference in our Own Party!

 Enough!  This latest mass school shooting needs to be our last!  We can do something right now to help make our schools safer and keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them.    


    I consider myself to be a gun enthusiast.  I grew up in Michigan where I hunted with my brothers and dad.  I had my own .410 for hunting small game...rabbit, squirrel, grouse and such.  I left the bigger game to my brothers.  ​​These days I mostly target shoot.    ​​​

    This last mass shooting in Parkland, FL really hit me hard.  Why can't our kids just be kids?  Why aren't our schools safe?  Why do these high school kids, not even old enough to vote, have to be the ones to get the gun laws changed?  This should be our job. 

     I felt that I could no longer just do nothing, so I attended a rally for gun reform at the state capitol a week later.  The rally was overwhelmingly Democrat, I felt like I was the only Republican in a crowd of nearly 2,000.  I held up a 'GOP for gun reform' sign so I was approached by many of the women, most of whom commented that they were surprised to see a member of the GOP attend a rally for gun law reform.  The popular belief among Democrats that Republicans only "care about their guns" remains pervasive.  On that day, at least, I was happy to let them know otherwise.


    The mantra I was hearing from the stage was unsettling, though: Vote them out!   As a Conservative Republican, that's not what I want.  I want our own great party leaders to reform our gun laws to protect our kids.  


    They are waiting to hear from us...to hear on which legislation efforts they need to be focused.  Let's not allow any more time to pass.  Let them know that you want them to focus on passing sensible gun laws!  Just a minute or two of your time can save kids' lives!   

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