We Can Make Our Schools Safer for our kids

Keep the Guns Out of the Wrong Hands in the First Place


 We can all agree that there is critical work to be done in this country when we talk about preventing mass shootings:

  • There's been a breakdown of the family; many young people no longer get crucial emotional support in the home. 
  • We need better accessibility to mental health care, substance abuse treatment and anger-management intervention.   
  • We need to look at better security measures for our schools
  • The debate continues on whether or not we 'arm' school personnel in Georgia 

     These are all important issues that need to be addressed and it's going to take time.  There are, however, some things our legislators can do now to prevent assault weapons from getting into the wrong hands in the first place.  

Why Do We Have So Many AR-15 Semi-Automatics?


     The AR-15 semi-automatic style rifles were used by the shooters in:

  1. Parkland, FL
  2. Newtown, CT
  3. Aurora, CO
  4. Sutherland Springs, TX
  5. San Bernardino, CA
  6. Orlando, FL and
  7. Las Vegas, NV  

     The AR-15 is modeled after the M-16 that our troops use in combat.  The most notable difference between the two rifles is that the AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle (the trigger has to be squeezed each time), whereas the M-16 is a fully automatic rifle.  The AR-15 has become a favorite for recreational and competitive target shooting.  Estimates puts the number of AR-15's currently in the US market at 8-15 million.  That is a daunting number when considering legislative options that might serve to make our schools safer for our kids, but we have to start somewhere.  

Gun Laws & the NRA


     The gun laws in this country and in our state have become too broad. The National Rifle Association (NRA), defines itself as advocates for gun rights, "defenders" of our 2nd Amendment rights.  They go too far though, throwing common sense aside.  The NRA spends millions of dollars each year on GOP political campaigns, wielding powerful influence over our party leaders, working hard to convince them that guns are never the issue in mass shootings.  The NRA usually remains silent after a mass shooting and when pushed for a comment, they argue against any changes to existing gun laws that would keep the most dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands.

Our State GOP Leaders Can Take Action Now


    The Republican Party is in control and we helped to put them there.  Let's send a message to those we voted into office that they are accountable to us, not the NRA lobbyists.  We can make a real, immediate difference and help to "fix" the gun side of this issue right now by demanding concrete action in place of political rhetoric.    


    We need sensible reforms on the sale and distribution of semi-automatics.  Let our GOP representatives hear from you so that they will make this a top priority:  

  1. Mandatory background checks for all gun purchases, retail or private, is imperative!  We need to close loopholes!
  2. There needs to be restrictions on the capacity and size of magazines.  Right now, drum magazines holding 60 rounds is common in the market! 
  3. Raising the minimum age for assault rifles is a must! 
  4. Bump stocks that essentially turn semi-automatics into automatic weapons should be taken off of the market!  

Click the link in the first blog article, CALL TO ACTION:

Send an urgent request to our Senators, House Representatives and Governor.  It takes less than a minute...Let them hear from you!