NRA Donations to Georgia Legislators



GEORGIA SENATOR JOHNNY ISAKSON, Republican, NRA Funding $130,809

GEORGIA SENATOR DAVID PERDUE, Republican, NRA Funding $1,825,006    

Georgia (District 1): Buddy Carter, Republican Current age: 60 NRA Funding $12,300

(District 2): Sanford Bishop, Democrat Current age: 70 NRA Funding $58,815

Georgia (District 3): Drew Ferguson, Republican Current age: 51 NRA Funding $3,250

(District 4): Hank Johnson, Democrat Current age: 63 NRA Funding $0

(District 5): John Lewis, Democrat Current age: 77 NRA Funding $0

Georgia (District 6): Karen Handel, Republican Current Age: 56 NRA Funding $24,997

Georgia (District 7): Rob Woodall, Republican Current age: 47 NRA Funding $4,000

Georgia (District 8): Austin Scott, Republican Current age: 48 NRA Funding $26,586

Georgia (District 9): Doug Collins, Republican Current age: 51 NRA Funding $11,140

Georgia (District 10): Jody Hice, Republican Current age: 57 NRA Funding $25,967

Georgia (District 11): Barry Loudermilk, Republican Current age: 54 NRA Funding $19,900

Georgia (District 12): Rick W. Allen, Republican Current age: 66 NRA Funding $4,000

(District 13): David Scott, Democrat Current age: 71 NRA Funding $0

Georgia (District 14): Tom Graves, Republican Current age: 47 NRA Funding $36,150

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Reprinted with permission. "NRA Money to Congress." Feb. 26 2018.


NRA Lobbyists Influence our GOP Leaders


We can make our state safer for our kids.  We can pass legislation right now to curb the sale and distribution of some of the most lethal semi-automatic assault weapons in the market.  We can get rid of bump stocks and restrict magazine capacity.  We can pass immediate legislation to require gun registrations, mandatory background checks (including closing loopholes), and raising the minimum age to purchase assault rifles to 21.  It sounds simple enough to do, but there is a very powerful lobby working against the enactment of sensible gun laws in our state. 

     It's not hard to conclude that our Republican leaders, hard-working people we respect, people we voted into office, are beholden to the NRA.  How can they not be when the NRA lobbyists pour millions and millions of dollars into disproportionately GOP campaigns each year?   At issue is the clear lack of support by the NRA for legislation that would keep guns out of the wrong hands!  They tightly defend current liberal gun laws, like the ability to purchase an assault weapon with no background check, no matter the potentially deadly consequences.  

Time-after-time they fall back on the old narrative that guns are not the problem...any kind of gun, even the most lethal, military-style, rapid-fire, high-stock capacity semi-automatic assault rifle on the market; widely available to anyone including the next mass shooter, requiring No paperwork if desired, is not the problem.  Really?!?  The NRA wants us to believe that only people with mental health issues are the problem....never mind that people with mental health issues can immediately and easily obtain any kind of gun on the market, as well!  

     Our Legislators are good people.  They hold our same conservative values and work diligently on our behalf every day.  They want to know where their constituents stand, so let's tell them.  Let's remind them that they are beholden to us, not the NRA lobbyists, and that we want immediate change to our existing gun laws.